Bowerman Open House

bowermanopenhouse-1On September 24, 2016 Terry and Lynn Bowerman held a delightful open house.  They decided it was time to do that since they had finally finished their log home.  They had spent a long time building the house themselves.  The Bowermans warmly welcomed a number of us current and former Brightwoodians who came to help celebrate the completion of this excellent new home away from home.  The food and company were very enjoyable.  We also had the opportunity to sample some of the Bowerman’s own delicious honey.  We learned that Terry keeps bees at their main home in Tennessee.


The new home turned out very well indeed.  It fits beautifully in the surrounding forest.  The log exterior, wood interior and appropriate lighting give a cozy and friendly feeling.  There is a generous wrap-around porch so people can easily enjoy the outdoors.  There are three levels: a basement with storage and play areas, the main floor and a loft.  There are several bedrooms and baths. The Bowermans and family members plan to visit their new home frequently–usually on weekends.  We are sure they will enjoy their fine creation because, even with our short visit, we certainly have!