Vision and Mission


Brightwood is a community dedicated to promoting happiness, health, prosperity, and sustainable growth for its members through responsible governance and management. We value our lives together and welcome others to join us. We work harmoniously with others and share the knowledge that reflects our ideals. Our quest for peace in the world begins here.Brightwood promotes harmony with nature. We encourage self-sufficiency and sustainability in architecture, food, water and energy. Our attractive and well-maintained amenities help to preserve and enhance the biodiversity of our Blue Ridge Mountain environment. We maintain Brightwood as a bird and animal sanctuary. The inherent richness of this beautiful environment awakens the awareness to all possibilities. Brightwood is an open community for all who wish to live a life of inner and outer abundance.


The Brightwood Property Owners Association serves all its members by providing organization and leadership to manage our common resources, maintain and improve property values and preserve our natural environment. Our purpose is to create a harmonious and beautiful community which supports our material and spiritual well-being.

Guiding Principles

Service, Responsibility, Communication, Integrity, Cooperation, Adaptability, Gratitude, Inspiration

Strategic Goals

Brightwood is a safe, secure and well-maintained community. We are continuously improving our roads and common areas.

Brightwood manages its finances prudently, based on sound planning and a balanced budget. We continue to look for ways to enhance the prosperity of our community.

Brightwood respects individual privacy, while offering opportunities for personal growth, social interaction and mutual support.

Brightwood regularly communicates with its members and the community at large regarding its principles, plans and activities and welcomes others to join us.

Brightwood encourages sustainable practices in building, agriculture and energy technologies.

Brightwood is a good steward of the environment, protecting flora and fauna, water and the land.