14th Annual Meeting

On Saturday, May 27, 2017 at the Ryan residence, we had our traditional potluck luncheon followed by our Annual Meeting. The food, as usual, was delicious and the atmosphere was convivial. Thanks to all who brought such excellent dishes as enchilada bake, refreshing salads, quinoa tabouleh, vegetable tarts and roast chicken. Everyone enjoyed the repast and the lively conversation.

We started our meeting with the counting of votes for the election of directors. Many members sent in their absentee ballots and those present at the meeting voted on the spot. Charles Caine and Lee Ryan were unanimously re-elected as directors for the next two years. The minutes of the 2016 Annual Meeting were approved. Then we had the customary reading of the Brightwood Vision and Mission statements to remind us why we are here.

Lee Ryan, the current secretary/treasurer, gave a brief financial report indicating that the community is in good shape and has a healthy reserve.

Our guest speaker was real estate broker Margo Lenmark. She spoke about how we can make Brightwood more interesting for buyers. She said that there is currently a great interest in smaller, less expensive homes and thus our community would attract more people–especially young people–if we would lower our minimum square footage requirement to 1200 instead of the present 1800. A lively discussion ensued. The board will consider the smaller square footage idea.

After Margo spoke, the meeting was adjourned.