About Us

The Inspiration

Brightwood was inspired by and developed by Nashville songwriter Mac Gayden and his wife Diane in 1997. The community was created with an emphasis on harmony with nature, supporting the arts, upliftment of the spirit, a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle, natural building concepts and materials, preservation of the environment and a peaceful, cooperative atmosphere.

Discovering the Blue Ridge

The Gaydens were charmed by the natural beauty and spiritual quality of the area near Boone in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. Then they found and bought the land that they thought would nurture the community they had in mind. They called the land “Brightwood” to suggest a place where light would prevail.

A Great Start

The Gaydens gave the community a great start with their effort and enthusiasm. Brightwood residents then helped get things organized. In 2004, the Gaydens incorporated the Brightwood Property Owners Association (POA). In 2005, the Gaydens and the community worked out an agreement where they deeded 40 acres of Common Areas to the POA. With that action, the POA officially became responsible for running Brightwood.

The POA Continues

Since taking over the reins of Brightwood, the POA has been fulfilling the original vision of Brightwood. The community has improved the roads and landscaping, created an organic garden, improved the picnic area next to the pond, put up a web site, upgraded the financial system, created architectural guidelines and has revised and updated the Covenants.

An Evolving Community

Brightwood is a dynamic, evolving community. With everyone here working together and with the arrival of enthusiastic new people, the feeling is strong that Brightwood is on the way to a truly bright future.