16th Annual Meeting

Greetings from President Chuck Bargerstock

Can you believe it? Brightwood has had a property owners association for 16 years! On June 15th, 2019, we held our Annual Meeting at the Bargerstock residence. With the necessary quorum of votes, Charles Caine and Lee Ryan were unanimously re-elected to serve two-year terms on the Board of Directors. Charlie Bargerstock will continue to serve as President, Charles Caine as Vice President, Lee Ryan as Treasurer, Joann Ryan as Secretary, and Lynne Marshall as Director at Large.

This year the Board is being assisted with help and support from permanent residents Heath and Shelly Kamp as well as Lindsey and Mike Young – many thanks for all their input, experience and energy.

The stability and strength of Brightwood as a community was noted in the Financial Report, which showed that prudent financial management over the years has allowed Brightwood to take care of the ongoing annual expenses of our community and still maintain sufficient funds in a special account so as to‘be prepared’ for unexpected expenses.

This year’s big ‘unexpected expense’ happened in early June, after the whole Boone/Deep Gap/High Country area experienced near-record rainfall (Brightwood and Powder Horn had 17” over a few days), which caused extensive damage to local roads, culverts and ditches.

Very fortunately, we had just had major road maintenance done to all the main roads of Brightwood, with thorough grading and addition of gravel, and this protected most of the roads from washing out. But some culverts got blocked and flooded and required storm-damage repair work at the Brightwood Trail North entrance. The Brightwood ’savings’ account allowed us to pay for this road damage without having to request a special assessment.

Thank you to Lee and the Board for careful management of Brightwood’s finances.

The special topic for the meeting, which was conducted by Lynne Marshall, was called Priorities for Future Projects such as improving roads, working on a better water supply for the community pond and garden, building a pavilion in the garden area, widening very narrow parts of Brightwood Trail, improving Serenity Garden and more.

We are very grateful that all our communications, personal interactions between residents, neighbors and maintenance contractors and all our meetings and activity in Brightwood have continued to be cordial, friendly and supportive. This is a beautiful place to be!