5-Year Plan

We have made considerable progress with our 5-year plan. (Click here for plan statements.) In the past several years, we have made improvements to the garden/pond area, installed attractive road signs, kept the website more up-to-date, entered into a reciprocity agreement with our neighbors (Powder Horn and Blue Ridge Mountain Club) about sharing trails, have continued our membership in the Boone Chamber of Commerce and have been sending out a seasonal email newsletter.

Brightwood Park

In keeping with our 5-year plan, we restructured the 7-acre common area with the pond, garden, orchard and picnic grounds.  This common area now has a name: Brightwood Park.  The main features: a sturdy wooden bridge over the creek so we can access our workshop and an excellent rebuilding of the pond by contractor Charlie Townsend.  The pond has a rock lining around the edges, a nice walkway all around it and a pleasing rock waterfall at one end.  It is a joy to take a stroll around the pond or sit on the bench and watch the waterfall.  We have recently planted flowers and bushes around the pond.  To protect our fruit trees and bushes from the predations of our deer population, we extended our garden fence to include part of the orchard area.