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16th Annual Meeting

Greetings from President Chuck Bargerstock

Can you believe it? Brightwood has had a property owners association for 16 years! On June 15th, 2019, we held our Annual Meeting at the Bargerstock residence. With the necessary quorum of votes, Charles Caine and Lee Ryan were unanimously re-elected to serve two-year terms on the Board of Directors. Charlie Bargerstock will continue to serve as President, Charles Caine as Vice President, Lee Ryan as Treasurer, Joann Ryan as Secretary, and Lynne Marshall as Director at Large.

This year the Board is being assisted with help and support from permanent residents Heath and Shelly Kamp as well as Lindsey and Mike Young – many thanks for all their input, experience and energy.

The stability and strength of Brightwood as a community was noted in the Financial Report, which showed that prudent financial management over the years has allowed Brightwood to take care of the ongoing annual expenses of our community and still maintain sufficient funds in a special account so as to‘be prepared’ for unexpected expenses.

This year’s big ‘unexpected expense’ happened in early June, after the whole Boone/Deep Gap/High Country area experienced near-record rainfall (Brightwood and Powder Horn had 17” over a few days), which caused extensive damage to local roads, culverts and ditches.

Very fortunately, we had just had major road maintenance done to all the main roads of Brightwood, with thorough grading and addition of gravel, and this protected most of the roads from washing out. But some culverts got blocked and flooded and required storm-damage repair work at the Brightwood Trail North entrance. The Brightwood ’savings’ account allowed us to pay for this road damage without having to request a special assessment.

Thank you to Lee and the Board for careful management of Brightwood’s finances.

The special topic for the meeting, which was conducted by Lynne Marshall, was called Priorities for Future Projects such as improving roads, working on a better water supply for the community pond and garden, building a pavilion in the garden area, widening very narrow parts of Brightwood Trail, improving Serenity Garden and more.

We are very grateful that all our communications, personal interactions between residents, neighbors and maintenance contractors and all our meetings and activity in Brightwood have continued to be cordial, friendly and supportive. This is a beautiful place to be!

Facebook Page

Brightwood – a
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You may not know that we have had a Facebook page for a while. The text and picture look more or less like the above. We would be delighted if you would visit the page occasionally and post any comments you might have. You will find all manner of interesting Brightwood news, local information, photos and possibly some videos. Check it out.

14th Annual Meeting

On Saturday, May 27, 2017 at the Ryan residence, we had our traditional potluck luncheon followed by our Annual Meeting. The food, as usual, was delicious and the atmosphere was convivial. Thanks to all who brought such excellent dishes as enchilada bake, refreshing salads, quinoa tabouleh, vegetable tarts and roast chicken. Everyone enjoyed the repast and the lively conversation.

We started our meeting with the counting of votes for the election of directors. Many members sent in their absentee ballots and those present at the meeting voted on the spot. Charles Caine and Lee Ryan were unanimously re-elected as directors for the next two years. The minutes of the 2016 Annual Meeting were approved. Then we had the customary reading of the Brightwood Vision and Mission statements to remind us why we are here.

Lee Ryan, the current secretary/treasurer, gave a brief financial report indicating that the community is in good shape and has a healthy reserve.

Our guest speaker was real estate broker Margo Lenmark. She spoke about how we can make Brightwood more interesting for buyers. She said that there is currently a great interest in smaller, less expensive homes and thus our community would attract more people–especially young people–if we would lower our minimum square footage requirement to 1200 instead of the present 1800. A lively discussion ensued. The board will consider the smaller square footage idea.

After Margo spoke, the meeting was adjourned.

11th Annual Meeting

We held the 11th Annual Meeting of the Brightwood POA on Saturday, June 7. The agenda was a full one, starting with a fantastic lunch and ending with a group picture, showing that a good time was had by all. Our time together gave us a chance to welcome two new Brightwood families – the Dugger-Hoffmans and the Bowermans.


During the business session we heard a financial report, updates on improvements and plans for community roads and amenities, and the like. The annual budget report showed us in relatively good shape, although we had to dip into our reserve to some extent to help cover unusual road cleanup costs after the huge 100-year rainstorm last July. While ongoing road maintenance is always our largest annual expense, conscientious upkeep on the 4.4 miles of roads in our 650 acres over the years is paying off. They are mainly in good condition despite the record rainfall that affected all of this area last summer. Recent road maintenance included work on some of the lesser-used side roads that have not had as much attention in recent years.

Another topic included how best to manage the community garden with the departure of garden stewards, Carol and Gary Hancock. Some suggestions for a change in approach will be discussed more at future Board Meetings. However, since the Annual Meeting, we have held two well-attended community garden parties to work on and clean up the garden and park areas. We all had a good time being together!

We also discussed possible ways to market Brightwood in order to get others to come and build here. For example, we want to be able to help those who want to sell their land by promoting it with realtors in the area, developing a brochure and using other approaches.

After the business session, we watched a narrated, online PowerPoint presentation on private property forest management, which served as a basis for a follow up group discussion. It gave us food for thought about the stages of forest growth, planning and maintenance of healthy forests, and valuable information on fire protection.

A special thanks goes out to those who could not attend the meeting, but whose proxy votes went toward electing four members to the Brightwood Board. The new Board is: Charlie Bargerstock (President), Frank Hood (VP), Lee Ryan (Secretary/Treasurer), Joe Weaver and Lynne Marshall (Directors).

As volunteers we take pride in how we plan for and manage Brightwood. Thank you for your trust in us. In that capacity we are grateful that the regular payment of annual dues by our members has enabled us to maintain the quality and values of the community as a whole and thus of our individual properties. We hope you will come visit us soon to see what a special place Brightwood has become.

Brightwood II – Lot #7 – For Sale

holly-falls-after-big-rainThis beautiful wooded acreage is situated just above Holly Falls (see photo). The lot is 10.23 acres listed at $62,000 or it can be split into two 5 acre lots at $42,000 (5.23 acres) and $39,000 (5.00 acres) respectively. Recently a driveway was cut into the property giving right of way to both lots. Please contact Margo Lenmark of Blowing Rock Investment Properties ( for details. Cell: 828-260-0873 Office: 828-295-7337

5-Year Plan

We have made considerable progress with our 5-year plan. (Click here for plan statements.) In the past several years, we have made improvements to the garden/pond area, installed attractive road signs, kept the website more up-to-date, entered into a reciprocity agreement with our neighbors (Powder Horn and Blue Ridge Mountain Club) about sharing trails, have continued our membership in the Boone Chamber of Commerce and have been sending out a seasonal email newsletter.

Brightwood Park

In keeping with our 5-year plan, we restructured the 7-acre common area with the pond, garden, orchard and picnic grounds.  This common area now has a name: Brightwood Park.  The main features: a sturdy wooden bridge over the creek so we can access our workshop and an excellent rebuilding of the pond by contractor Charlie Townsend.  The pond has a rock lining around the edges, a nice walkway all around it and a pleasing rock waterfall at one end.  It is a joy to take a stroll around the pond or sit on the bench and watch the waterfall.  We have recently planted flowers and bushes around the pond.  To protect our fruit trees and bushes from the predations of our deer population, we extended our garden fence to include part of the orchard area.